To date we've published 32 blog posts that dive into insights and stories from the world of clinical trials. Sometimes these are commentary on other stories we've seen in the news. For example, our post 87.5% of Pediatric Clinical Trials Don't Have Published Results was in response to an article published on Outsourcing-Pharma. In this case, we read a report that exposed a lacking rate of results-publishing in pediatric clinical trials. We had our own data on-hand at a volume of 50x what the original journalist had access to, took a look at the hypothesis on an industry-wide scale, and corroborated.

In other cases, it's not the data but the method by which we analyze it that helps spin a new story. Our most popular blog post, Where In the World Is Clinical Trial Activity Decreasing? , was the result of our CEO and our data science team discovering a new global trend after creating heatmaps of trial registration rates across the world. This ended up being published as a poster at DIA Global last year.

With each one of our 32 blog posts we have in some way weaved the results of data analysis into a story to create original content for our readers. And while we've taken the time to publish this content, we haven't taken the time to explain to our readers why we're so equipped to do so. I'd like to share a slide deck with you that does this.

Below is the visual story about why we've conceived analytics programs we call clinical trial intelligence solutions, and how they provides big value to life sciences teams (slide 3). These are the very tools we use to answer the questions you've been reading about, and the tools our customers use to answer vital questions about their business.

If you've been curious about how we produce some of the data in our blog posts now is your chance to get a behind-the-scenes look. Signup for a demonstration of these tools and I will personally set you up with a free 2-week account. I'll even  show you how to answer any clinical trial related questions that have been on your mind.