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Interact with our database of over 230,000 trials from a selection of 25 filters to produce lists of trials and associated information in seconds.

TrialFinder Weekly

Clinical trial intelligence made simple. We email you a weekly update of all new clinical trials and associated information registered with the NIH that matches your preselected criteria. At $100 per month, this is our most accessible tool.

TrialFinder Imaging

Our flagship TrialFinder product taken a step further with the medical imaging community in mind. Look at the world's clinical trial data based on the imaging modalities being used.


Search for trials and if their online trial records are compliant with current FDA and NIH guidelines. Search for compliance rates by sponsor, geography, phase, and more.

CT.g Analytics

CT.g Analytics

Get an executive view of the database of over 230,000 clinical trial records with this interactive dashboards. Includes visual insights into trends not available anywhere else. Perfect for having on file for your next presentation.

Protocol Analytics

Inform and expedite the process of building your next clinical trial protocol by understanding eligibility criteria other protocols include. Find most common inclusion and exclusion criteria by phase, therapeutic area, and much more.


Analyze the world's clinical trial data in a way that produces a table of data about all the recorded clinical trial sites involved.

Sunshine Analytics

Data and visuals based on clinical trial payments made to institutions as tracked by the Sunshine Data Act. Estimate operations costs for trials by region and product.

Custom Analytics

Clinical trial intelligence shouldn't be one-size-fits-all. Your team has specific needs, and we can build you an exclusive dashboard. For under $10k we will provide you with a complete solution that beats most generic analytics platforms on price and ability.