From contract research sales to clinical development planning, clinical trial intelligence applications are vast. Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all platform.

Your team needs specific data from a clinical trial analytics tool. We can surface this data in a fast, rich context using charts and visuals built just for you.

How It Works

An actual custom dashboard we've built for a client.

An actual custom dashboard we've built for a client.

We've designed our tools for heavy-lifting on the data-mining, and lightweight modular design on the visuals. The result is the ability to quickly and thoroughly build custom intelligence products at a rate that beats our competitor's generic dashboards. Custom analytics jobs we've done recently include:

  • Filtering a dashboard to show only trials including work on solid cell tumors
  • Using semantic text analysis to show which trials from a dataset include use of MRI or CT
  • Categorizing sponsors by number of employees
  • Visualizing age requirements from inclusion and exclusion criteria

Imagine having exclusive access to a tool that identifies trials, sponsors products, and sites with characteristics that are key to understanding your industry.

Click here to see a full list of datapoints we're able to provide clients in our visualizations and filters.

Move the slider or click on a datapoint in the above visual to get a sense of our capabilities.

Who Are Our Users?

  • Pharma and biotech executives
  • Medical affairs directors
  • CROs
  • Business development teams

Learn More

Get on a call with our team to ask all the questions you'd like, and review our capabilities. Within a half hour we can learn about your team's needs, and get on our way to build you a proof of concept.