We currently have infrastructure in place to provide visualizations and filters dependent on any of the datapoints below. This list is in no means a measure of our limitations. We are constantly creating new possibilities for clients. 

Our team is able to develop new features by combining datapoints. Most of our standard visualizations are actually combinations of two or more of the criteria below.

Your business can bridge BrackenData solutions with other tools. For example we can connect with Google Analytics, CRMs, Marketing Automation, and web scraping tools.

Our primary data sources for clinical trial information include ClinicalTrials.gov, EudraCT, PubMed, and The Sunshine Database. However, we can attach to other public data sources on request, such as Japan's UMIN database, or Medicare.

We can also connect to private databases, and create new variables in order to build you analytics that fit your exact needs. This is particularly powerful for clients with electronic medical records on file.

If you have a question about something on this list please reach out.

Currently Available Datapoints for Filters, Visuals, and Data Exports

General Clinical Trial Data

  • Studies in ClinicalTrials.gov
  • Sponsors in ClinicalTrials.gov
  • Study Sources in ClincialTrials.gov
  • Medical Device Studies in ClinicalTrials.gov
  • Trial Sites in ClinicalTrials.gov
  • Clinical Study Submission Dates
  • Study Status
  • Clinical Study Location
  • Sponsor Type (Industry, US Fed, NIH, Other)
  • Studies by Sponsor
  • Study Source
  • Number of Studies by Phase
  • Observational or Interventional
  • Study Enrollment
  • Study Completion Date
  • Last Time Study Was Updated
  • Average Enrollment by Time Period
  • Average Enrollment by Phase
  • Average Enrollment by Sponsor
  • Average Enrollment by Funding Type
  • Completion Date
  • Completion Date Type
  • Therapeutic Area
  • Number of Studies by Time Period
  • Number of Studies per Phase by Time Period
  • Number of Device Studies by Time Period
  • Study Oversight Country
  • Intervention route of administration
  • Condition
  • Imaging modalities used in trial

Sponsor Data

  • Number of trials by sponsor
  • Number of active studies by sponsor
  • Number of trials by phase by sponsor
  • Trial start dates by sponsor
  • Map of sponsor headquarters
  • Trial sites affiliated with sponsor
  • Contacts on file affiliated with sponsor
  • Number of employees
  • Sponsor therapeutic areas
  • Number of trials by therapeutic area by sponsor

Trial Site Data

  • Trial sites by geography
  • Trial site by therapeutic area
  • Trial site by phase
  • Trial site by study status
  • Trial site by sponsor

Trial Compliance

  • Is Trial Compliant?
  • Compliance Rate by Sponsor
  • Compliance Rate by Trial Site
  • Compliance Rate by Geography
  • Are Study Results Posted?
  • Study Results Posting Rate by Sponsor
  • Trial Sponsors by Headquarter Location
  • Clinical Sites by Sponsor Affiliation

Contact Information

  • Program manager name
  • Program manager email address
  • Program manager phone number
  • Program manager location
  • Program manager official job title
  • Contact information available by sponsor affiliation
  • Contact information available by therapeutic area
  • Contact information available by phase
  • Contact information available by geography
  • Contact information available by study status

Institutional Payments

  • Average payment size by year
  • Number of payments on record
  • Average payment size by state
  • Average payment size by drug name
  • Average payment size by medical device
  • Average payment size by therapeutic area
  • Average payment size by sponsor
  • Average payment size by sponsor type (Government, Industry, Other)
  • Average payment by phase

Eligibility Criteria (any of the following can mean detail on inclusion or exclusion criteria or both)

  • Eligibility criteria used by time period
  • Eligibility criteria by therapeutic area
  • Eligibility criteria by condition
  • Eligibility criteria by phase
  • Number of trials by marked eligibility criteria
  • Number of trials by eligible ages
  • Eligible ages by therapeutic area
  • List of trials by eligibility age
  • List of trials by eligibility gender