Our niche in the world is using business intelligence infrastructure for clinical trial applications. If you haven't yet, go take a loot at our Solutions Overview page to see the selection of clinical trial intelligence programs we provide.

However, in addition to this we have in-house expertise that allows us to execute a wide range of data services. This includes building dashboards that can pull from a variety of data sources and SaaS application to visualize:

  • Clinical trial information (see our full list of clinical trial data capabilities)
  • Market data (such as lists of companies by number of employees, market cap, revenue, etc)
  • Macroeconomic data (such as global trends by industry)
  • Population data
  • Private marketing data (web traffic, email subscribers, acquisition channels, social media engagement, etc)
  • Sales and CRM data
  • Accounting data
  • Customer support data
  • Public social media data

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