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Find information on clinical trials, sponsors, and sites in record time. Accelerate your sales or research processes with our dashboards that interact with a database of over 5 million datapoints across 600,000 sites, 250,000 clinical trials and 15,000 sponsors and organizations.

Interact with TrialFinder's visual filters to find only the trials that are relevant to your business. Want to export a list of all sponsor and contact information for Phase 2, industry-sponsored trials in the US related to glaucoma? TrialFinder can get you that data in three clicks. In fact, with TrialFinder you can: 

  • Filter on over 25 different criteria
  • Export data from 30,000 trials at a time
  • Request custom charts to be built for your team

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More About The Tool

Get unparalleled access to the world's clinical trial data with TrialFinder by BrackenData. This tool makes it quick and interactive to find the information you need from over 255,000 clinical trials.

Use visual filters on the dashboard to narrow down the database to see only trials that are most relevant to your business.

Export entire lists of trials and their associated information to Excel for further manipulation, visualization, or to upload to your CRM.

Find, filter, and sort on over 25 dimensions including:

  • Lead sponsor agency
  • Contact information
  • Therapeutic area
  • Start and submission dates
  • Enrollment numbers
  • Sponsor or trial site geography

If the information you need isn't readily available in our tables, it's still only one click away. We provide a link to the Trial Record right there in the tool. See it for yourself! Get a personal demonstration of the tool.