Dr. Colin G. Miller, Co-founder & CEO

Colin Miller

Colin has worked in the biopharmaceutical and medical devices industry for over 25 years. His first degree was in Physiology and Zoology at the University of Sheffield (UK) and then completed his PhD in the ultrasonic assessment of bone at the University of Hull (UK). After working for Syntex Research (now part of Roche) and Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals he came to the USA and started the company Bona Fide Limited as a subsidiary of the Lunar Corporation (now part of GE Health). After 5 years of growth, Colin was instrumental in selling Bona Fide to Bio-Imaging Technologies Inc (now called BioClinica) in 1999, where he joined the new senior management team as the 35th employee. Colin left BioClinica in 2015 a company with over 1200 employees, after serving in many senior roles (Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Senior Vice President Medical Affairs and also Strategic Development), to start BrackenData.  

Colin is well known in the clinical trial industry as a presenter and educator, having published more than 70 peer reviewed articles and co-authored 3 books, the last one being Medical Imaging in Clinical Trials published by Springer in 2014. He also provides consulting services through Alacrita Consulting, as he is still in demand as consultant in medical imaging and advisor on safety boards (serving on those for Rosiglitazone and Canagliflozin as two recent examples). He is a chartered scientist and a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine and also a Fellow of the Institute of Clinical Research in the UK. He is a keen aviator, holding a pilot’s license for over 20 years and enjoys cycling, kickboxing and photography in his spare time.


James Mielke, Co-Founder & CTO


Jim brings a broad range of IT and data analysis expertise to the team, having previously excelled in a number of technical roles within life science, finance and academia. Rounding out Jim's domain knowledge is his experience on the White House Big Data Initiative and his time as a U.S. Federal Commissioner for the Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Technology Convergence Commission. Before BrackenData, Jim directed the Rutgers University Center for Dynamic Data Analytics where he built a community focused on creating and supporting collaborative industrial/academic "Big Data" research projects. In industry, he has notably worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb, Medarex, The McGraw-Hill Companies and serviced a number of pharmaceutical services teams through his work as an IT consultant. During his work on the White House Initiative, he conceived and successfully pitched the National Science Foundation's Big Data Regional Innovation Hub Program to the President's Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP), TechAmerica (now CompTIA) and the NSF. The Big Data Innovation Hubs program was fully funded in 2015 and is continually spawning new data research projects in a variety of fields. Jim holds an MBA from Penn State University and spends his free time building and playing guitars, enjoying photography, and breaking software.


Bill Blank, VP Sales & Marketing

Bill Blank

With 30+ years of senior sales management experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device, instrumentation and biotech industries, William Blank brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as Vice President Sales and Marketing for BrackenData.  Bill has spent the last 18 years in the CRO business directly focused on providing services to manage clinical trials.  Holding senior global sales management positions at both large and small organizations,  Bill has hired, trained and managed many of the top producing sales people in the CRO industry.  Bill is also an educator and speaker at many of the key drug development congresses.  His understanding of the key governmental and medical requirements in the drug development process is why he wanted to be actively involved in ECT.  He earned his bachelor’s degree from Allegheny College and an MBA in international marketing from Boston University.  When not driving sales opportunities, Bill enjoys tennis, kayaking, skiing and supporting his 7 children in their activities.


Elliot Miller, Marketing Director

Elliot Miller

Elliot is building the sales and marketing infrastructure at BrackenData after 5 years of growth-focused marketing experience in the enterprise software world. He has a breadth of knowledge in the areas of B2B lead generation and digital marketing and has influenced millions in software revenue through his marketing campaigns. Elliot previously worked on the marketing teams at HubSpot and InsightSquared, and as a consultant to ecommerce and tech firms in the Boston startup ecosystem. His current focus is on adapting tech-style marketing playbooks to the life sciences industries. As he perfects the revenue engine he's created with the BrackenData marketing infrastructure, he repeats the process for other life sciences teams with our sister company Bracken Marketing. In the first 5 months with BrackenData Elliot wrote content that engaged with over 7,000 professionals, and generated over 80 software demonstrations. He's an avid traveller, and has visited 8 countries in the last 3 years.

Abdel Otmani, Data Scientist

Abdel Otmani

Abdel is a data fanatic, and is ready to tackle any data analysis challenge. He's most interested in how intelligence solutions use Big Data to help us understand human behavior. Abdel received his masters degree in Data Mining from University of Lyon and has 10 years of experience in Business Intelligence and Data Science. He has done data consulting for large firms such as Volvo, and currently focuses on developing the next greatest BrackenData features. He lives in Lyon, France and with his 3 children. Abdel enjoys beautiful cars, working out, reading post-apocalyptic books, and spending time with family.

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