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TrialFinder Monthly Subscription

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Get valuable data each month on new clinical trials registered around the world, direct to your inbox.

TrialFinder Monthly delivers data that was only previously been available by signing up for expensive clinical trial software programs, at a price not available anywhere else.

Skip the pain of learning a new interface and having another tool to login to. Now you can get the same data, in spreadsheet format, no hassle, ready for immediate use.


How It Works

Each month we send you a spreadsheet that lists all new clinical trials registered with the NIH in the last 30 days. Data on these trials includes:

  • Trial name
  • Sponsor
  • Funder-type
  • Phase
  • Oversight Country
  • Key Dates
  • Anticipated Enrollment
  • Associated Contact Information (Name, Email Address, Phone Number)
  • Study Status
  • a link to the trial's record on
  • and More

TrialFinder Monthly is a service by BrackenData that is the result of proprietary data mining, cleaning, categorizing, standardizing, and repackaging techniques. We reserve sole permission to distribute the information included.