Understand which inclusion and exclusion criteria similar clinical operations teams are using.

Inclusion Criteria of an Example Dataset Split by Phase (Click to Enlarge)

Clinical development teams need a way to quickly find and compare competitors’ protocols. Understanding common inclusion and exclusion criteria in a trial’s phase and therapeutic area is critical for writing a successful protocol - our users save hours expediting their protocol writing process.

Protocol Analytics gives users an interface where they can splice our database of over 230,000 clinical trials by phase, therapeutic area, dates, and sponsor, and eligibility criteria to see what inclusion and exclusion criteria are being used.

Are you developing a trial protocol soon? Look into Protocol Analytics as your tool to:

  • Find competitor trial records
  • Visualize inclusion and exclusion criteria used across over 220,00 trials
  • Understand how eligibility criteria changes across therapeutic areas
  • Search for trials by eligibility criteria
  • Have immediate one-click access to competing trial records on ClinicalTrials.gov (CT.g)
  • Export trial data from our database to an excel worksheet

How it Works

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On a weekly basis we download all of the data from over 230,000 trials CT.g, clean it for errors, categorize much of the information, then update our filters and visualizations.

All BrackenData products come standard with the ability to filter our database on fields such as Phase, Study Start Date, Country of Origin, Therapeutic Area, Study Status, Trial Site Country, Trial Site City, Phase, Enrollment Numbers, Keywords, Title, Associated Contact Information, Sponsor Name.

Protocol Analytics takes this a step further by filtering and visualizing on eligibility criteria. In Protocol view each trial is listed in a report based on your filters, with details on inclusion and exclusion criteria used in the protocol.

In Therapeutic Area view you can visualize common eligibility criteria by therapeutic area.

There's an Eligibility Analysis view used to visualize common criteria used in combination with each other, and two other views to check out when you sign up for a personalized demonstration.

The details on eligibility criteria we visualize include Pregnancy, Contraceptive Use, Diagnostic Procedure, Physical, Diet, Psychosocial, Ethnicity, Smoker, Alcohol, Severity of Illness, Emotional, and Comorbidity.

Click here to see a full list of datapoints we're able to provide clients in our visualizations and filters.

Who Are Our Users?

  • Clinical operations teams
  • Chief medical officers
  • Clinical development planning teams
  • Feasibility analysts

Learn More

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