563,300 sites have been associated in way with the 255,000 trials in our database. This tool can will show you all about 'em.


The team that can answer both big-picture questions such as "which countries have the most active sites for cardiovascular trials?" and specific questions like "which trial site in the US has been the most active this year?" has the most power when it comes to informing clinical development planning. SiteFinder can provide this power to your team in a way that no other tool on the market provides.

How Does It Work?

SiteFinder combines charts, a heatmap, and tables to allow you to collect big-picture data or specific data points in just a few clicks.

Sort a table of data based on the world's trial sites by their activity. In SiteFinder there are two tables that change in real-time as you toggle filters. One shows you a table of trial sites that match your criteria. The other is a table of all clinical trials that match your criteria.

Filter by trial-criteria such as phase, therapeutic area, start dates, and more.

In one click, export any data you see in the tool into excel for further analysis.

Who Are Our Users?

  • Pharma and biotech companies planning their clinical development strategy
  • CROs and SMOs looking for ideal targets to add to their network
  • Pharma services companies looking for sales targets by specific therapeutic, phase, or geographic clinical trial activity
  • Investors and industry analysts needing insight into clinical trial activity by trial site

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Licenses start at $3,500 per year.

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