In clinical trials, the difference between a project being successful or not can come down to the accuracy of financial projections on the proposal. Make your projections more accurate by arming yourself with more information. Use Sunshine Analytics to inform operational cost estimates.

Sunshine Analytics is a dashboard that not only visualizes the world’s clinical trial data by dollar amounts spent, but allows you to bring to light more information interacting with the charts and maps you see.

How It Works


Sunshine Analytics uses information from the Sunshine Act Database to show users how much money clinical trial sponsors spend on recruiting subjects and physicians. Combined with our proprietary database you can find average cost per subject, and average cost per physician amounts based on:

  • Therapeutic area
  • Medical devices used in the trial
  • Average cost of subjects by region
  • Total amounts spent

As a result, you can make specific projections about your operational costs based on the indication of your study, location of your sites, and more. Stop missing the mark on cost projections. Inform your next proposal with data from Sunshine Analytics. Look below to see it in action:

Sunshine Analytics in action

Click here to see a full list of datapoints we're able to provide clients in our visualizations and filters.

Who Are Our Users?

Executives and sponsors who want to compare operational costs to industry and regional averages.

Clinical operational teams working on new proposals.

Learn More

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