Interact with the world's clinical trial data based on the imaging modalities in use.


With TrialFinder Imaging you can filter and visualize our database of over 230,000 clinical trials based on the imaging equipment used in a study.

Our system analyzes all trial records publicly registered with the NIH to indicate which imaging modalities are in use.

For example you can look at upcoming trials using MRI, or all trials from last year that used CT.

But because we've built this tool on top of the robust TrialFinder interface you can take your searching much further. Combine with over 20 filters such as geography, sponsor name, keywords, therapeutic area, trial site location, phase, or study status to produce a table of trial data that's relevant to your work.

The result is a system that effortlessly retrieves you information on clinical trials, with direct links to trial records on (CT.g). Valuable information like sponsor, contact information, key dates, and enrollment numbers associated with each trial are also there in front of you.

Users are able to export everything in the tool to Excel for further analysis.

How it Works

On a weekly basis we download all of the data from CT.g, clean it for errors, categorize much of the information, and then update our TrialFinder dashboard filters and visualizations.

TrialFinder Imaging takes this a step further from our standalone TrialFinder product by using a proprietary semantic text analysis process we’ve developed to categorize medical imaging trials. This is a fancy way of saying that our systems looks at all of the words used in all CT.g trail records to identify any protocol that indicates the use of medical imaging. The system creates a field for what kind of imaging modality is being used, then enables a TrialFinder user to filter the database by these imaging modalities.

For example, TrialFinder Imaging can identify any trial on CT.g that uses MRI. It can also take the filtering much further by showing things like tables of data on all Phase 2 trials with a start date in the last year, originated in the US, using Radiography.

TrialFinder Imaging

In the above example a user produces a table of all Phase 1 trials started in the current year that use MRI.

Click here to see a full list of datapoints we're able to provide clients in our visualizations and filters.

Who Are Our Users?

  • Imaging core labs
  • Teams that sell services to the medical imaging community
  • Clinical operations teams with imaging endpoints
  • Clinical trial sponsors with imaging endpoints
  • Industry analysts

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Licenses start at $4,500 per year.