The clinical trial industry has a data problem. There are millions of clinical trial data-points available to the public, but no good way to search and visualize them… until now.


Most of this public data is stored in, the NIH’s online registry of over 220,000 clinical trials. And it’s growing! On average there are 400 new studies added to the database each week. But retrieving data on requires a process of manually searching criteria and combing through results one-by-one.

We eliminate this tedious process with TrialFinder, our powerful data retrieval and visualization tool that enables professionals to:

  • Toggle search criteria in real-time
  • Visualize search results
  • Map sponsors and trial sites associated with studies
  • Retrieve contact information
  • Drill-down to individual trial records with a single click
  • Export data from hundreds of trials at once
  • Save the time and frustration of manually searching on

How it Works

We download the contents of on a weekly basis, clean it for errors, and update the visualziations in our tool.

The TrialFinder dashboard contains a number of interactive filters that both visualize the data you’re looking at, and allow you to drill down to get more specific. Here’s TrialFinder in action:

TrialFinder in action

In the example above, the user is able to find studies related to Rheumatoid Arthritis that are actively recruiting. In a few clicks this user also exports all of the associated data, which includes contact information.

Click here to see a full list of datapoints we're able to provide clients in our visualizations and filters.

Who Are Our Users?

  • Business development teams looking to identify sponsors and investigators to target
  • Market research teams looking for existing trials that match their criteria
  • Clinical trial professionals who want to export lists of contact information

Learn More

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Licenses start at $3,500 per year.